Time and a Half

Time and a half is a term used in relation to the payment of employees by a business.

An employee has a normal hourly pay rate, if for a particular period of time the employee is on time and a half pay, then for the hours worked during that period, the normal rate is multiplied by one and a half.

Time and a half pay is normally paid for working above and beyond normal hours, for example, overtime, bank holiday, weekends etc.

How to Calculate Time and a Half for Overtime

If for example, an employee has a normal hourly rate of 10.00, and worked for 40 hours of which 5 hours were time and a half overtime, then the calculation would be as follows.

Normal rate of pay 10.00 per hour
Time and half rate of pay = 1.5 x 10.00 = 15.00 per hour
Time and half overtime pay = Overtime hours  x 15.00 per hour
Time and half overtime pay = 5 x 15.00 = 75.00

This overtime pay would then be added to the normal pay of 35 x 10.00 = 350.00, to give total pay of 425.00.

For further information see the Wikipedia time and a half definition.

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