Retirement of a Partner

When a partner retires the existing partnership is dissolved. To calculate the amount due to the retiring partner net assets are adjusted to fair value. Depending on the method of partnership accounting used bonus or goodwill journal entries may be necessary if the amount paid to the retiring partner differs from their adjusted net asset value.

Retirement of a Partner May 24th, 2018Team
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Equity Method of Accounting for Investments

The equity method of accounting reflects the economic reality of an investment transaction. By recording changes in the value of the investee business in an investment account the investor recognizes the significant influence it has over the operations of the investee.

Equity Method of Accounting for Investments April 11th, 2018Team
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Cash Flow Funding

The net cash flow in or out for a business for an accounting period must be matched by changes in cash flow funding.

If we use the example cash flow statement below, the top half of the cash flow statement shows the cash flows in and out due to operating. financing and investing activities the final figure (highlighted in green) represents the net cash flow out of the business, in this case £57,000. In order for this to happen, the business must match this cash flow out with additional funding.

Cash Flow Funding March 12th, 2018Team
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Chart of Accounts Numbering System

The general ledger structure is defined by a chart of accounts numbering logic. The predefined codes are typically three, five or seven digits long to allow for a business to grow and establish departments and divisions within its operation.

Chart of Accounts Numbering System March 8th, 2018Team
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Revenue Recognition Standard Accounting

A business expects to receive consideration for the sale of goods to its customers. Since accounting periods are for a defined time period a process is needed to allocate the correct amount of consideration to the correct period. This process is referred to as revenue recognition and is applied using a five step revenue model.

Revenue Recognition Standard Accounting January 18th, 2018Team
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Net Purchases in Accounting

Net purchases is equal to the gross purchases of goods from suppliers less the amount of purchase returns, allowances, and discounts. To arrive at the total cost of goods purchased the business needs to add the cost of freight-in needed to deliver the goods to their present location and condition ready for sale to customers.

Net Purchases in Accounting January 9th, 2018Team
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Unbalanced Trial Balance Errors

A trial balance will not balance if there are errors in the double entry bookkeeping system, To help find and correct the unbalanced trial balance a number of different shortcut techniques can be applied.

Unbalanced Trial Balance Errors December 7th, 2017Team
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Direct Method Cash Flow Statement

The cash flow from operating activities for a business can be presented using either the statement of cash flows direct method or alternatively the indirect cash flow statement. The direct method cash flow shows gross cash receipts and payments whereas the indirect method cash flow shows net income and adjusts this for balance sheet movements.

Direct Method Cash Flow Statement October 17th, 2017Team
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Predetermined Overhead Rate

A business calculates a predetermined overhead rate based on estimated overhead and activity levels in order to be able to apply overhead to its product costs.

Predetermined Overhead Rate October 9th, 2017Team
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Currency Forward Contract – Imports

When a business undertakes import trade with overseas suppliers and makes payment in a foreign currency it needs to try and protect itself from fluctuations in the currency exchange rate. One method of achieving this is to buy the foreign currency using a currency forward contract.

Currency Forward Contract – Imports October 6th, 2017Team
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